Search History

Patent Search automatically saves the user's 100 most recent search records within the Search History section. 

Search History 01


Users can also do the following in the Search History tab:

  • Apply: Click on the Apply icon to add and apply the query to the search type that it was previously used (i.e. R100 query will be opened in the Semantic Search query page while R99 will be in Quick Search.)
  • Save: Click the Save icon to store the search criteria. Access the saved records in the Saved tab under Search History.
  • Monitor Query: Click on the Monitor Query icon  to monitor search result updates of the selected search query. This is only available for Keyword Search (done via Quick Search or Advanced Search). Note: This feature is only available to Patent Search subscribers who also purchased Patent Vault.
  • Export: Select the search queries to export (to an Excel file), and then click the Export icon .
  • Code: Click on the corresponding code (i.e., ) to run that exact same search again and directly see the results page.
  • Details: Click on the Details icon to see the search settings that were used for that query.