File Wrapper Search

File Wrapper Search — Find Records Containing the Same Keywords

Discover more details about the patent’s prosecution and post-grant proceedings history by investigating the major documents in the file wrappers. Use the keyword search to identify the documents you want to examine. 


Conduct a cross-document keyword search

File Wrapper Search covers:

  1. All versions of Patent Specifications and Claim Amendments.
  2. Rejections, Remarks, and Notice of Allowances in Prosecution History.
  3. Petitions, Responses and Replies, and Decisions in Post-Grant Proceedings. 



File Wrapper Search — Download 

Download the original documents by selecting the records you want and clicking the download icon.



File Wrapper Search — Examine Individual Documents 

Conduct a keyword search in a single document to identify the patent’s claim scope quickly and easily. Search for additional claim terms within the rejection records.

For more details on the File Wrapper Search page, please see the File Wrapper Search article in Patentcloud’s Help Center.