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Issue Summary Board


Event History

Status of Disclosed Claims

Potential §102 and §103 Prior Art

Family Status

Issue Summary Board


The Issue Summary Board has three main sections: Litigation Record, Claim Disclosure, and Potential Issue. 

Litigation Record 

This section shows if the patent has been involved in any US litigation or validity challenges. The following jurisdictions are covered: District Court, CAFC, Supreme Court, ITC, PTAB Reviews, and Reexamination. The two possible outcomes are:

      • Litigated
      • Not Found

Claim Disclosure  

This section shows the level of disclosure made by §102 and §103 prior art during the patent's prosecution history or post-grant proceedings. Refer to Claim Insights for a detailed outline.

Based on the percentage of disclosure, the possible outcomes are:

      • Not Disclosed - if 0% disclosed
      • Partially Disclosed - if 1~79% disclosed
      • Substantially Disclosed - if more than 80% disclosed

Potential Issue

1. §112 - This is scored based on the number of claim terms (in the independent claims) that are not found in the specification and, therefore, may have room for different interpretations. Refer to Claim Analysis for a detailed outline.

Based on the percentage, the possible outcomes are:

      • Low - all terms found, 0% not found
      • Medium - less than 5% are not found
      • High: more than 5% are not found

2. §102 - Refers to Potential §102 and §103 Prior Art. The possible outcomes are:

      • Low - 0

      • Medium - 1 to 2

      • High - 3 and above

      3. §103 - Refers to Potential §102 and §103 Prior Art.

          • Low - 0

          • Medium - 1 to 9

          • High - 10 and above


          Bibliography provides basic information about the patent.

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          Event History

          Find the US litigation docket numbers categorized by jurisdiction.

          *Please note that the case numbers are not clickable.

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          Status of Disclosed Claims

          Find out how each independent claim is disclosed with its cited prior art and its specification to discover potential §112 issues.


          Potential §102 and §103 Prior Art

          The potential prior art references are generated from the prior art aggregators in Quality Insights, including Family Prior Art, Prior Art Finder, and Semantic Prior Art. All of the recommended references are applicable as prior art and were never considered before.

            • Potential 102 is generated from:
              §102 prior art of family members
              §102 prior art in the 2nd and 3rd degree prior art list
            • Potential 103 is generated from:
              §103 prior art of family members
              Non-§102 prior art in the 2nd and 3rd degree prior art list
              Highly-relevant Semantic prior art references


          Family Status

          Evaluate potential disputes in other countries based on the status of family members.

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