The History page provides comprehensive patent status, prosecution history, and post-grant proceedings (IPR/CBM/PGR) data.


The Event History tab includes three main sections:

  • The main timeline of the patent’s history with sub-timelines for prosecution and post-grant proceedings.
  • Prior art references cited by examiners or petitioners on the legal basis of double patenting, §102, or §103 issues.
  • The summary of documental records in each event, including the prior art and corresponding claims for each ground.

The numbers shown underneath Event History represents the number of  events up until this day — including prosecution and post-grant proceedings.

Click on the events to see the detailed timelines for each event below.

The dots on the Prosecution History timeline are Office Actions (OA). You can see the date for each event by mousing over each event. 

The dark dots on the Prosecution History timeline are Rejection Documents.

On the Post-Grant timeline, the dark dots represent Petitions and Decisions. 



Scroll down to view the prior art cited in the patent’s history and the legal basis for the challenges. 

If the reference is a patent, you can view the patent page by clicking on the patent number. Underneath each patent number is the name of the patent’s inventor. 

View the list of documental records and access the original file by clicking on the document description.

The grounds listed for each record are extracted from the original documents.


  1. Click on each event’s description to view the original document (PDF) and OCR text.
  2. The number next to Grounds reflects the number of grounds that qualify as rejections made by examiners or petitioners in each record.
    You can view the Legal Basis, corresponding Claims, and Prior Art References by expanding the item.
    The ground(s) of rejection are extracted from the corresponding documents.
  3. A main reference (1st order) to §103 prior art. 

The original documents that are collected include:

For more details on the US Patent File Wrapper Collection, please visit the Timely Data Completeness page.



Family Status

The Family Status Chart summarizes the patent family members’  legal status, including “Abandoned Application,” “Active,” “Pending,” and “PG Publication.”


Prior Art Status

This section summarizes the prior art references of the patent — both considered and unconsidered — in a comprehensive table for a preliminary view of the patent’s prior art issues.

Each bar represents the number of prior art sources identified by Quality Insights and their relation to the patent. 


  1. Rejection Prior Art

    Prior art uncovered in the non-final and final rejections from the prosecution history

  2. Family  Prior Art

    The backward citations of the patent’s family members

  3. First Degree Art & Second Degree Art

    The backward citations of the patent

  4. Semantic Prior Art

    The semantic prior art found in CN, JP, US, EP, KR, WO, CA, DE, AU, FR, GB, RU, TW, and IN.

For more details on the History  page, please see the History article in Patentcloud’s Help Center.