Classification Query

To perform a search based on a patent’s classification code and its description, users can use Classification Search. When unsure of the code, users can use Classification Query to find out. The Classification Query is integrated into the Classification Search.

Currently, Classification Search is available within both Advanced Search (for Advanced and Premium subscribers) and Quick Search.


In the Advanced Search tab:

  1. Use the dropdown list for search parameters.

    Classification Query 01  
  2. Choose one of the classification types under Classification from the dropdown menu. Learn more about the differences between classification with and without hierarchy in this article.

    Classification Query 02

  3. Key in the classification number and click Count for the resulting patents.   

        Classification Query 03

Search results will now include both the patents in that specific subgroup and those found within its child subgroup.

Classification Query 04


The hierarchical classification has been integrated natively into the Classification Query window, which is accessible under the customized query box. Users can access it to perform a keyword search among both parent and child subclasses to narrow down the search results.

  1. Click the icon to enter classification query.
    Classification Query 05

  2. In Classification Query, key in the search term and exclusions, then click Search. Tick the checkboxes of the required categories, click on the Right Arrow button, then click on Convert to Query.

 Users can also do a quick find based on the first letter or the section, from “A” to “H”.  


Classification Query 06


The classification codes will appear in the search box.

Classification Query 07


Additionally, users can also go to Quick Search and choose one of the classification types under Classification from the dropdown menu.


Classification Query 08 

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