What is Semantic Search?

Semantic Search is a type of patent search that delivers results based on keyword concepts (semantic similarity) instead of being based only on exact keyword matches. The idea behind Semantic Search is based on the likeness of meaning or semantic content as opposed to keyword similarity.

For example, if a user's search criteria are the keywords "car" and "road," Semantic Search will deliver results related to "car" and results related to "road." Semantic Search will then search for the results that have both the "car" and "road" keywords. These results will be listed first.

Semantic Search will also search for related keywords/concepts, like "street" and "automobile," but they will have a lower ranking. This ranking is based on InQuartik's semantic similarity search algorithm. These keywords or concepts will result in a list of concepts similar to the results of the input criteria. Concepts like "automobile" or "street" will also be included because they are related to the concepts of "car" and "road." Semantic Search broadens the user's search and makes it more precise because it retrieves the most relevant patents according to similarity.