What is Due Diligence?

Patentcloud's Due Diligence (DD) turns sterile patent data into meaningful dashboards. Say goodbye to grunt work forever! 

Obtain a Due Diligence report in just a few clicks.


A comprehensive Due Diligence report contains critical business insights, such as:

Coverage and Status — These dashboards help the user to decide whether to keep going with the analysis or stop right away: global coverage, remaining life, and pendency — is the portfolio worth my attention?

Technology — The technologies covered by the portfolio, extracted from the patents’ IPC or CPC subclasses, are visualized through bar or pie charts — what does the portfolio focus on?

Owner/Inventor/Applicant — Patents with co-owners, co-applicants, or rights transferred to different owners may limit future enforcement. Don’t miss out on this vital information — will I have issues licensing the portfolio?

Historical Highlights — Take a closer look at the patents that have been transferred, licensed, or pledged, as well as those involved in patent infringement lawsuits, ITC Section 337 investigations, or challenged for their validity in USPTO PTAB cases — how did the portfolio perform previously?

Quality and Value — Remove the subjectivity that characterizes traditional patent evaluation indexes: Due Diligence relies on AI algorithms to evaluate the quality and value of patents.


A picture is worth a thousand words — take a look at our DD annotation with a real case analysis Microsoft's acquisition of Nuance


Experience the interactive chart by visiting Due Diligence for a demo report.

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