Search Within Result

Users can conduct a secondary search within their folder(s). To search within a specific folder or subfolder, click on it. Otherwise, click on the Patent List to search in all folders. Then, click on the Search Within Result icon.


Enter the search criteria in the search box. Users can also use keyword search syntax and Boolean operators (NOT/AND/OR) to obtain a more accurate result.


If using the dropdown menu, make sure to click on Convert to Query to apply. Then, click on Patent Search.


A search can also be conducted between two selected folders. Adjust the search scope by selecting another folder or sub-folder to include (AND operator) or exclude (NOT operator) — thus improving productivity in this digital workspace.


To illustrate, the example above will search for (communication NEAR5 channel) in the abstract of the patents that are stored in both the ‘Interdigital 3GPP SEP’ and ‘Litigated’ folders.



To stop the current search, click on the Search Within Result icon. Click on Reset, then click on Patent Search.