Query Text

Click on the Semantic Search tab on the main page, then follow the steps to execute a Semantic Search.

Query Text 1
  1. In the Semantic Search query box, enter the invention concept that you want to search for. You may input the natural language text, or copy and paste an entire abstract or claim statement into the query box. 
  2. Click on Settings and select the patent office you wish to search in.
  3. Click on the Down Arrow icon to set the date filters — you can refine your search by selecting:
    • Application Date or Issue Date
    • Customized; or 5, 10, or 15 years ago
      • Date range to search if you selected the “Customized” option.
  1. Click on the search button.
  2. The results of your search will be displayed as seen in the example below:
Query Text 2

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