Quality Insights’ Tools (Tabs)

Apart from the Overview page, Quality Insights provides seven other tools that assist in assessing the quality of the patent. 

  • History 

  ➛View the summaries of prosecution and post-grant proceedings events

  • Claim Analysis 

 ➛Examine  the paragraphs in the patent’s specification that are relevant  

     to specific claim terms

  • Claim Insights 

 ➛Inspect how claims were disclosed during prosecution and post grant


  •  Family Prior Art 

➛Identify the novelty and non-obviousness (§102 &  §103) citations of family 


  • Prior Art Finder 

➛Uncover up to 6 degrees of novelty citations

  • Semantic Prior Art 

➛Find the most relevant patents based on semantic similarity 

  • File Wrapper Search 

➛Search through major documents in the file wrappers