Prior Art Analytics

Prior Art Analytics enables you to compare the patent’s claims with the US / EP / WO prior art references found in Family Prior Art, Prior Art Finder, and Semantic Prior Art. Clicking on the target icon next to the patent number on any prior art list will take you to the Prior Art Analytics page.


Click on the target icon to access Prior Art Analytics

“Select to Calculate” indicates that the disclosure rate of claim terms extracted from the patent has not yet been reckoned by Quality Insights. Select a claim or claims and click “Confirm” to calculate. 


By clicking the claims you want to check, you will know how much each current claim element has been disclosed by prior art that was already found in the past, as well as how much the claim element will be disclosed by the new prior art reference you selected.


If the claim element had a low disclosure rate in the past but has a high disclosure rate when compared to the new prior art reference, this indicates that the new reference significantly discloses portions of the claim that was not disclosed by the prior art previously considered.


  1. The claim will be divided into several claim elements by the system. This percentage indicates the disclosure rate by the prior art found in prosecution and post-grant proceedings as seen in Claim Insights.
  2. The percentage indicates the disclosure rate of this claim element by the prior art references selected.

You can examine how a claim element is disclosed by viewing how the same keyword from the claim element and the prior art references’ abstract, specification, and claims are matched.

The more keywords mapped, the higher the relevance between the patent and the prior art reference.