Family Prior Art


The Family Prior Art page provides family information such as the patent numbers, titles, legal status, application date, publication dates, and any related post-grant proceeding cases of the family members.

You can also uncover potential issues found among the patent’s family members and potential prior art on this page.

Family Prior Art — Simple Family

Examine the status of the patent’s family members under Simple Family to see if there are any abandoned or revoked members that did not overcome examination.

Prior art references cited by these members may also impact the validity of the patent.


Family Prior Art — Backward Citations: Patent 

Family Prior Art lists the patent prior art that are novelty and non-obviousness citations of the patent’s family members. The citations listed are further categorized and highlighted to indicate relevance and applicability.

The references listed on the very right indicate the family members that were cited and their applicability. 

For example, the ‘047 patent is the §103 prior art of family member US20140362018, which was abandoned.


Family Prior Art — Backward Citations: Non-Patent Literature

Family Prior Art also lists the non-patent literature cited by the patent’s family members.

For more details on the Family Prior Art page, please see the Family Prior Art article in Patentcloud’s Help Center.