Purpose of Quality Insights

Quality Insights is a one-click solution that provides consolidated data to evaluate the validity, as well as quality, of a US patent. The summary of the data includes:


Overview and File Wrappers

  1. Summary of events in Prosecution History and image file wrappers therein, including rejections, amendments, and remarks, and notice of allowance.
  2. Summary of events in Post-Grant Proceedings and docket entries therein, including:
  • Request for reexamination, amendment, and remarks, notice to issue certificates, and certificate of reexamination in Ex Parte Reexamination and Inter Partes Reexamination.
  • Petition, preliminary response, response, decision of institution, and final decision in Inter Partes Review (IPR), Covered Business Method Patent Review (CBM), and Post-Grant Review (PGR).
  • Complaints, initial determinations, and commission orders by ITC case numbers.
  • Searchable text of rejections in Prosecution History and Post-Grant Proceedings.


Claim Construction

  1. Claim Analysis for intrinsic evidence, which can be found in paragraphs of specification relevant to specific claim terms generated by Patentcloud
  2. Claim Insights for Intrinsic evidence identified in file wrappers and dockets. Each claim is divided into meaningful elements with  system-generated claim terms. Corresponding prior art references derived from the prosecution and post-grant proceedings are compared.
  3. Claim construction gains insights into why the patent was granted, and also enables users to strategize prior art searching with a focused search scope.


Prior Art Comparison

  1. Prior art previously considered under examination and in the post-grant proceedings of the patent at issue in the USPTO.
  2. Backward citations and rejections of US and foreign family counterparts of the patent at issue, especially those counterparts with abandonment.
  3. Up to the sixth degree art extension of  both forward and backward rejections from Part a).
  4. Cross-linguistic potential prior art from IP5 and WIPO with semantic similarity using Patentcloud’s proprietary algorithm of common concepts (groups of related keywords)
  5. One-click Prior Art Analytics to compare a patent at issue with selected prior art for claim charting


Quality Insights is helpful in offering timeliness and efficiency in both construing claim language for winning interpretations and finding prior art for effective defenses, which otherwise may take many more resources in terms of time and effort. Qi makes the validity of a patent and/ or preparing for patent quality contentions or opinions simpler and easier.