Patent Page

All the information you need about a patent on one page. 

Want to view a patent’s full text or ETSI declaration info? Click on any patent number in any patent list to instantly access that patent’s information, including: 



Full Text 

View the basic information of a patent, such as the Title, Abstract, Legal Status, Specification, Quality and Value rankings, Bibliography, Figures, and Claims. 



Simple Family 

The list of the patent’s simple family* members can be viewed under this tab. 


Under the List view, you can use the Search bar on the right to narrow down results. 

Switch to the Tree view to visualize the patent jurisdictions and application timeline of family members. The highlighted patent pertains to the patent page currently in view. 

*By EPO’s definition, a simple family covers a single invention, and members have exactly the same priorities. 

Simple Family - Tree View Tools

With the Tree View, there are a few tools available for you to use. 

Click on Filters to narrow down results by patent office and application date. 

By clicking on Settings, you can define the patent data fields you want to display. 

Click on Enlarge to use a larger portion of the screen to view the tree. Click Reduce to revert to the original portion.

To download as a .jpg image, set the view you want (zoomed in or zoomed out) before clicking Download.

The Tree View also displays the Earliest Priority date of each patent and the relationships among family members. These arrow connectors will also appear in the downloaded JPG image.



Extended Family

The list of the patent’s extended family* members can be viewed under this tab.

The Extended Family tab comprises the same features as the Simple Family tab.

* By EPO’s definition, an extended family covers similar technical content, and members have at least one priority in common with at least one other member (directly or indirectly).




Under Citations, you can view the list of patents that either cited this patent (forward citation) or was cited by this patent (backward citation).


You can find citations made by an examiner by entering “*” in the Search bar.




This tab provides the patent’s historical information, including Application (PAIR) data, Assignment Data, Fee Status, Patent Term Adjustment (PAIR), Prosecution History records, and INPADOC Legal Status. 

* The Assignment Data information on the Patent Page is only available for US and CN patents.



SEP Declarations 

This tab will be available for standard-essential patents (SEPs) declared at ETSI. The declaration information and corresponding 3GPP specifications can be found here. 




View any U.S. patent’s involvement in District Court, ITC, PTAB, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and Supreme Court cases.

Litigation data is sourced from the PTAB; data coverage is listed below.



Original Document

View, download, or print the PTO document in PDF format in this tab.