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Patent Search provides a variety of useful services, including:

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  1. Download Full-text : Click the Download button to download the full-text content of the patent in PDF.
  2. Tag: You can use the Tag icon from the toolbar to add tags to a patent. Once a patent is tagged, it is added to the Tag folder in your project in Patent Vault. The default labels you can use for the tag function are Risk and Relevance. You can set these labels to three types or rankings, say, either High, Medium, or Low. You can view the tagged patent and its Risk/Relevance label in your Tagged folder.

Note: This feature is only available for Patent Search subscribers with Patent Vault.

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By clicking on the Edit button, you can customize your labels by editing the label dialog box. You can create a new label, give it a subject (used for comparison, which may include products, technology, patents, etc.), a label name, and a range.

  1. Highlighter : Refer to this Highlighter article.


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