More Tools for Working With Patents

Analyze a Patent Portfolio — Due Diligence 

With Due Diligence, you can examine a patent portfolio with just one-click

View a patent portfolio’s:

  • Coverage, legal status, ownership status
  • Transaction and litigation history
  • Technology fields
  • Quality and value assessment
  • Potential monetization/litigation targets

Everything you need to know about a patent portfolio and for future utilization!



Decipher Standard Essential Patent Essentiality — SEP OmniLytics

Assess the essentiality of a standard essential patent 

For patents declared as standard-essential patents (SEPs) with ETSI, SEP OmniLytics provides a quick overview of the overall essentiality to decipher those that need further expert analysis.

SEP OmniLytics’ exclusive Automated Claim Chart feature maps a SEP’s claims to 3GPP technical specifications, revealing how “essential” a SEP is to its technology.



Check for Validity Issues — Quality Insights

Check for any validity issues in a patent

You can obtain an assessment of a patent’s quality using Quality Insights — a one-click solution to examine a patent’s history, claim scope changes, and potential prior art references that can be used to challenge or invalidate the patent.  

Simply proceed to Quality Insights from a patent page or search for a specific patent on Quality Insights’ main page.