Derwent JP Number Conversions

Derwent’s JP patent number system conflicts with other systems, such as the JPO, EPO, and Patentcloud, etc.

Therefore, if your patent portfolio has a JP patent number containing any of the following:

  • a kind code A, published from 9 January 1989 to 2000 (Heisei Era) or
  • a kind code beginning with B, U, or Y

Then, one of the following conversions may be needed:

  • 1.) Add a “0” (zero) in front of the 7-digit number: JPnnnnnnnKK → JP0nnnnnnnKK 

Examples: JP8212681A → JP08212681A

                  JP6016524B2 → JP06016524B2

                  JP6088140U → JP06088140U

  • 2.) Remove a “0” (zero) in front of the 8-digit number beginning with 0 (zero): JP0nnnnnnnKK → JPnnnnnnnKK

         Examples: JP03204588U → JP3204588U 

                           JP06402205B2 → JP6402205B2

However, an 8-digit number that does not begin with zero or a number with a kind code S requires NO change: JPNnnnnnnnKK or JPnnnnnnnS

Examples: JP11238316A