The Technologies tab provides the technical fields and trends of the patent portfolio, giving insight into the main and recent R&D focus of the patents in the portfolio.


View the top three technical fields and the corresponding number of patents for each field in the summary section. The technical fields are determined according to the International Patent Classification (IPC) assigned by the patent offices.

Technologies 1Technologies 2



Technical Fields

Gain an overview of the technical fields (IPC) of the patent filings in the past 5 years, which indicates the recent R&D focus of the portfolio or company.

*Note: The technical classification is NOT applicable to design patents.


Expand the technical fields in this chart can to view the hierarchy and subgroups. Click on the [+] icon next to the field names to expand each category.

You can also click “Select Other Technical Fields” to customize the analysis scope in this chart to up to 10 IPC classes a time.  

Note: The technical classification is NOT applicable to design patents.



Technology Timeline

This chart shows the chronological distribution of patent filings in each technical field by earliest priority year. You can examine how the patent holder’s innovation portfolio evolves over time.

  1. Click “Filter” to re-define the scope of the chart by Country, Legal Status, or Patent Type.
  2. Hover over each color block to check the patent filings and their technical field distribution for a specific year.
  3. Click on a color block to check the corresponding patent list for a  specific technical field within a particular filing year.
  4. Click here to redefine the IPC levels in the chart: Class, Subclass, Group, and Subgroup and the IPC categories shown in the chart.

*Note 1: The technology timeline only works when the patent portfolio corresponds to a specific applicant, since the patent filings by a single applicant in each technical field can reflects its R&D focus, year-by-year.

*Note 2: The technical classification is NOT applicable to design patents.