Corporate Affiliation Query

Sometimes companies may have variations in their names, subsidiaries, or affiliates — depending on the business strategies or which countries they are located in. Therefore, to perform a comprehensive patent search, every possible variation of an assignee name must be considered.

This can be done with Patent Search’s Corporate Affiliation Search (Advanced and Premium subscriptions only) feature. To use the Corporate Affiliation Search, follow the steps below:

  1. Use Quick Search or Advanced Search
  2. Select Assignee (or Current Assignee, Licensor, etc.) under the Party category in the parameter box
  3. Click on the Corporate Affiliation icon.

    The Corporate Affiliation window will be displayed. 
    Corporate Affiliation Query 01

  4. In the Keywords box, type in the name of the organization
  5. Click Search
  6. Select affiliations
  7. Click on the arrow icon
  8. Click Convert to Query

    For ease of viewing, any returned match to the keyword will be in bold.


The selected organization names will be displayed in the Assignee text box, ready to search.

Corporate Affiliation Query 02 

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