Basic Analysis in Patent Search

There are two ways to retrieve a statistical chart for basic analysis. It can be used either for a preliminary search result or for a project.

Statistical Chart for a Search Result

Patent Search offers basic analyses based on a variety of data after queries. To use this statistics feature, follow the steps below:

  1. A result is displayed after a data search.  

  2. Clicking on the Statistical Chart button will take the user to the statistics feature.

  3. In the Data Field section, users will see a dropdown menu. Use the dropdown menu to view the data fields available for a statistical chart to be based upon.

  4. After selecting the desired data field(s), a statistical chart will be displayed. In this case, two data fields were selected.

  5. Viewing charts in other formats (e.g., bar charts) is also possible, but this cannot be done for a time-related data field. Click the Bar Chart button for chart options, and then select the preferred chart format.

  6. Users can also further narrow down their search by filtering by various parameters. Select the required parameters to filter by (on the left-hand side of the page), and then click on Filter. Click on the Expand to the left icon to view the filter panel.


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